SEO vs PPC: Is Organic SEO or Pay Per Click Better for my Business?

When you are planning marketing campaigns for your eCommerce website should you prioritise SEO or PPC?

Matt Janaway
9 min readFeb 25, 2022


When you are planning marketing campaigns for your eCommerce website, there are a number of variables to consider, albeit given that every business is different, whichever you prioritise at different times, depending on changing business objectives, both have their value, regardless of business type.

It’s simply a question of keeping your marketing strategy under regular and consistent review to find what is working.

That being said, let’s dive into the essentials to learn what might work best for your online business and remember that what works today may have to evolve as the search engines tweak their algorithms.

SEO Versus PPC

Digital Marketing includes two elements, organic and PPC, (sponsored ad’s). Both are important for boosting your visibility and search engine ranking. The skill is in applying each at the appropriate time.

In general, as a rule of thumb, to gain immediate presence and visibility, pay per click (PPC) allows those with a good budget to get fast results, perhaps when launching a new product line, or boosting sales of your higher value goods or services.

Organic SEO is a longer term strategy, requiring consistency of efforts in creating high value content to your audiences. Every asset you create is money in the bank that accumulates in terms of ranking.

Some marketing channels achieve greater results than others, depending upon what products or services your business is about.

Google regularly updates its algorithms, so, organic ranking involves a commitment to learning emerging priorities of this search engine.

While this ever-changing SEO landscape is frustrating, it helps stop those with deep pockets gaming the system, leaving room for the smaller online business to compete.



Matt Janaway

Matt Janaway is a successful Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur. In the ’00s, he built & purchased 10+ successful eCommerce stores.