How to Monetise Your Blog: 5 Methods and Their Pros and Cons

Matt Janaway
7 min readSep 28, 2022
In this post, I’ll walk you through five methods to monetise your blog. I will describe their advantages and disadvantages, so you can decide if they are suitable for your situation.

You’ve created a blog that delivers valuable information to a good amount of followers. Now what?

Today’s blogs are more than a vehicle to share firsthand experiences and personal opinions. They’re a terrific opportunity to generate income.

This guide will explore how to monetise your blog with five strategies. It will help you determine whether they would be a good fit for your needs.

5 Ideas for How to Monetise Your Blog

There's a lot to consider when developing a blog monetisation strategy.

Time commitment, financial investment, and ease of maintenance are all factors that play a role in determining the best way to earn income with your blog.

Here are five ways you can make money with your blog, their pros and cons, and whether they might be a beneficial option as you work toward your goals.

Strategy 1: Sell Ads

Possibly the most obvious option is to sell ad space on your blog.

Companies will pay you for digital real estate to promote their products with banner ads, background ads, video ads, or text link ads.

Partnering with a business whose products are complementary to your content can provide added value to your viewers.

The pros:

  • Capitalise on high traffic numbers: The more people that visit your page, the more opportunities to make money with ad sales.
  • Takes little effort: You have to create new blog content anyway. Including ad space doesn’t require much extra work.
  • Passive income opportunities: Even archived blog articles can bring in ad sale revenue.
  • Low commitment level: Since ads are typically sold by impressions or a monthly fee, you can adjust your strategy at any time.

The cons:

  • Direct people away from your site: If visitors click on an ad, they’re sent to that marketer’s website. You can tackle this to a certain degree by opening the advert clicks in a new window.
  • Can be disruptive: Too many ads can be annoying to viewers as they…
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