How to Choose the Best B2B SEO Agency: A Comprehensive Guide

Matt Janaway
15 min readSep 12, 2022
To help you find an SEO agency that provides reliable SEO services, first, let me help you avoid the bogus ones.

Do you want more organic traffic? Are you sick and tired of paying monstrous amounts of money on paid ads?

If you answered “yes,” then it’s time to find a B2B SEO agency with a tried and tested SEO strategy that can bring you more traffic and potential customers.

Don’t forget rule number one if you’re ready to hire a B2B SEO agency.

… Don’t rush it.

The impact that an SEO agency can have on B2B companies is HUGE. And I don’t just mean a positive effect — there are risks too.

The right agency can bring thousands of organic, relevant, and long-term web traffic. They can also establish a brand’s reputation as an authority. And last but not least, B2B SEO agencies can help skyrocket B2B revenue.

TL;DR: Be meticulous when looking for a B2B SEO agency — the role they play is uber important.

To help you find an SEO agency that provides reliable SEO services, let me first help you avoid the bogus ones.

How to spot a poor B2B SEO agency

Other than promising guaranteed rankings, there are other red flags to watch out for when choosing a B2B SEO agency.

1. Can’t identify realistic search…



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