Complete Guide to Local Lead Generation (with Examples and Tips)

Effective local lead generation doesn’t have to be complicated and overwhelming. Follow the tips and examples in this guide to get warm leads…

Matt Janaway
10 min readOct 17, 2022


Complete Guide to Local Lead Generation (with Examples and Tips)

Is your business struggling with local lead generation?

The internet is riddled with how-to guides on how to do lead generation effectively. However, the vast majority of these resources are written for big brands that target the global audience.

It’s true that all types of lead generation have the same goal: to get people interested in your brand.

But there’s a glaring difference between running lead generation campaigns primed for big brands on the global stage and campaigns that are meant for a local setting — particularly when it comes to the target audience and methods involved.

What is local lead generation?

Local lead generation refers to strategies that raise consumer interest, particularly aimed at a local market.

It’s mostly for local businesses with physical establishments that only cater to customers within a specific region. However, big businesses that want to penetrate and disrupt new markets also count on local lead generation to accomplish their goals.

In digital marketing, a lead is defined as someone who has shown interest in a brand through a variety of actions.

A typical example is a user who subscribed to a company’s newsletter.

It’s a clear indication that they’re interested in receiving more content and offers from a particular brand — with the possibility of making a purchase decision down the line.

Why businesses need local lead generation?

Local lead generation is far less competitive than global lead generation.

Local audiences are also much easier to convert into customers if you welcome them to your physical store.

According to a Retail Dive Consumer Survey, 62% of customers prefer in-store experiences because it allows them to physically…



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